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Reigniting the passion of learning

Welcome to The Roig, where our approach is as unique as our students. Where homework, is a tool, and not a hassle. And where our mission is to reach students in ways never thought possible.



Students who learn differently, deserve to be taught differently.

Day School | Grades K-8

We create more than a safe environment, and offer more than small class sizes. We use evidence-based teaching strategies to help learners with ADHD or other language based learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia, master the inquiry process, and gain critical thinking and problem solving skills required to meet the needs of everyday life in today’s fast-paced, globalized society.

When your child knows they can...

anything is possible.



Instilling curiosity at the age of two

Bilingual Preschool | Ages 2-4

Our Spanish Bilingual Preschool has a focus on supporting students to acquire important learning skills for the 21st century. By nurturing students in a balanced, hands on, student centered environment, they become risk-takers, inquirers, reflective and open minded learners.

The Roig Approach

Designed for each student, not all students.

Our staff teaches to the whole child by engaging in differentiated instructional techniques that are supported by current and best practices in teaching and learning.

Individualized academic goals are monitored and assessed with input from our multidisciplinary team, which includes the child.

Our students are able to grow both personally and socially, while developing 21st-century skills.

Our students soar to new heights.

Roig Academy students transition into college preparatory high schools.

The right school is essential. The right fit is critical.

Where most schools see a child, we see a family. The Roig Approach addresses areas of interest and academic strengths and needs which are regularly monitored and assessed with input from our multidisciplinary team as well as family members.

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