Grades K-8

The right school is essential. The right fit is critical.

The Roig Academy accepts applications on a rolling basis Our admissions team looks at each application as it arrives and puts it into one of three categories: accept, waitlist or deny after completing the admissions process. The process of admission is designed to decide if your child and family are a fit for The Roig Academy. Throughout this process, we enjoy learning more about your child’s potential as well as strengths and weaknesses.

The Admissions Process


Complete the Prospective Parent Questionnaire or call 305.235.1313.

Tours & Interviews

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be scheduled for an interview and school tour with our Admissions Coordinator or Head of School.

Admission & Placement Testing

Upon interview completion, placement testing is scheduled and admission is determined.


Cost of Attendance

Grades K-8


The Roig Academy accepts the McKay Scholarship.



Required Initial Evaluation

By: Jennifer C. Roig M.Ed




Optional Lunch Program

$75.00 per month

Technology Fee


The Arrowsmith Program

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$100.00 Supply Fee


You can also contact admissions at 305.235.1313.